CD Cell light pathway as low as 0.05 mm
Simultaneoulsy measures CD spectra and absorbance 
Temperature ramping 4 °C - 100 °C up to 4 °C/min
Wavelength 170nm to 1150nm

Data analyzing software
Wyatt Technology DynaPro Plate Reader II
DLS With use of Dynamic Light Scattering technology proteins samples can be screened prior to crystallization trials.

Experiment can provide information on purity (dispersity) of the samples, 
protein complexes formation, and aggregation of proteins. 

Temperature range 4 °C - 55 °C with temperature ramping

TA Instruments Nano-ITC

24K gold reaction cell of 170 µl volume
Injection syringe volume 50 µl
Temperature range 2 °C - 80 °C
Multiple injection mode
Continuous injection mode

System includes sample and buffer degassing system

Data integration software on site

Please refer to BUFFER PREPARATION GUIDE before experiment set-up


ART Robbins Instruments GRYPHON Robot
GRYPHON Fast set up of crystallization plates
Sitting drop size as low as 0.6 µl
Douglas Instruments Ltd ORYX Seeding Robot
ORYX Automated Robot for Crystal Drop Seeding
Intelliplate compatible

Crystal Farm is set-up currently to 9°C

Automated imaging for crystallography condition hits

On-line access to view plate and well images

Available imaging with polarization filters


(Requires VPN if access from outside UofS servers)

Beckman Coulter BIOMEK FX
BIOMEK Dual Arm Automated Robot for Liquid Handling
96-well and 8-span arms for precise liquid dispensing
Compatible with wide range of labware

Rigaku Alchemist DT Benchtop Liquid Handling System
ALCHEMIST Benchtop Liquid Handling System
Preparation of solutions for crystallography
10 ml tube format and plate format
Gradient Screen Preparation
No cross-contamination between solutions

Reichert Surface Plasmon Resonance with Automated Sample Delivery
ALCHEMIST Surface Plasmon Resonance instrument with automated sample delivery
Two channel system
Measuring the protein-protein and protein-small molecule binding constants
Several types of chips are available from the manufacturer at a relatively low cost

Wyatt Multi-Angle Light Scattering with Refractive index for MW determination in solution
ALCHEMIST Multi-Angle Light Scattering System with Refracting Index Measurement
Determination of molecular weight of protein in solution
Works independently or with the size exclusion column
Requires running ACTA FPLC with a programmed method

BRUKER Single Crystal Diffractometer with MOS area Detector
ALCHEMIST BRUKER single crystal diffractometer with the CMOS area detector
Evaluation of quality of crystal diffraction
Collecting X-ray diffraction data from protein and small molecule crystals
Crystal has to be mounted on a pin that fits the goniometer head
Temperturae of the crystal can be set between 100 K - 300 K

Photon Technologies International Quanta Master 40 Spectrofluorometer
QuarterMaster Photon Technologies International Quanta Master 40 Spectrofluorometer
Measure steady state rotational anisotropy (fluorescence depoloarization)
Measure steady state FRET (bulk assays)
Detects fluorophore emissions above 300 nm

For more information and to request access contact:
Dr. Linda Chelico,
tel. (306) 966-4318,