The Facility

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine Image Centre is located in a suite of rooms on the college’s second floor with the main lab in room 2208. The centre houses:

- TEM-transmission electron microscope (Hitachi HT7700 with EDS- energy dispersive spectrometer capability

- FE-SEM-cold field emission scanning electron microscope (Hitachi SU8010)- both electron microscopes are capable of high-resolution work

- TIRF- total internal reflection fluorescence microscope (Olympus IX83)

- two confocal laser microscopes (Leica SP5, Zeiss 710 equipped with Two Photon)

- several of image analysis computers.

Technical Support

The Image Centre has two dedicated technicians to maintain the scopes and work with researchers wanting to use this facility. The technicians can help you with your grant applications, discuss the capabilities of the available equipment, help plan your sampling protocols to optimize your results, fix your samples, prepare your samples for the microscope, help show you how to use the scopes to do your own work or to do the work for you.

Contact Information

Imaging Centre phones: 306-966-7419 or 306-966-7431
Eiko Kawamura:
LaRhonda Sobchishin: 306-280-9470;